Sno Biz Old Canton

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Our Delicious Treats

Satisfy your sweet tooth today with a delicious snack made by Sno Biz Old Canton in Jackson, MS. Try a delightfully decadent treat today!

Super Sundae

A delightful mix of Blue Bell Ice Cream, Sno Cone shaved ice, and whipped cream. Every dish comes with a cherry!

Traditional Shaved Ice

The finest shaved ice you will find in the state. Try it with our signature crème topping!

Handmade Homemade Shakes

Create a shake in any flavor combination. Try a banana and peach shake. It is like sipping on summer!

Refreshing Fruit Drink

Enjoy an iced cold fruity beverage that is refreshing and not too sweet.

Iced Coffee

Get your caffeine fix on even the hottest of days with a delicious iced coffee. It comes in mocha, vanilla, and traditional coffee flavors!

Crème Topping

Enjoy a creamy topping that is not simply sweetened condensed milk!

Other Snacks

In addition to our many cool treats, we offer nachos and hot dogs.